Luxury Home Décor Inspiration for Home Interiors You Should Try!

During the global pandemic that attacks many people who have to do all their activities at home, do all activities such as work and study. Because a lot of time is spent at home alone, many people think about remodeling a dwelling or simply rearranging their house to be interesting or whatever the reason is.

And indeed, rearranging a room does have a significant effect on productivity and mood, giving us inspiration or being able to release fatigue with a comfortable room to occupy if we are at home all day. Comfortable living conditions are certainly very important.

You can also try redecorating certain rooms at home with unique home decor inspiration and of course interesting to try. Redecorating your home can certainly be a fun activity and can improve your mood.

So, are you interested in redecorating your room? Because if you want to redecorate your room and are still confused about what to do. Here we share various inspirations and home decorating tips that you can imitate at home.

Start Decoration from Wall Area

Do you have a room with plain walls that look ‘blank’ and unattractive? Try making wall décor to fill the empty space on the walls of the house.

Especially if the wall paint is white, of course you can more easily create wall décor creations as you wish. You can display various paintings, photos or other decorations to form a unique collage, just like a painting gallery.

You can apply the above inspiration to the living room or living room because it looks aesthetic but still minimalist. Use frames of various sizes to create an ‘arbitrary’ impression but still beautiful to look at.

Creating wall decorations using photo frames or paintings does not only apply to white wall colors. You can still create a similar collage with any wall paint color, but create and mix colors appropriately, so the room doesn’t look weird or overwhelming.

Pay Attention to the Floor

Home décor is not only about furniture and walls, the floor should also not go unnoticed, if you want to be more total in redecorating the room.

If you want a minimal look on the walls of the house, but still want to give a different and unique atmosphere, then the floor can be the part that you must beautify.

Choose a floor that fits the concept of the room, for example, ceramic, marble or vinyl that fits the concept, such as rustic, minimalist and others.

A striking floor color can also be an idea that you can try, as in the inspiration above, especially if the room is dominated by glass with minimal decoration.

Thinking of Using Curtains

Curtains do not only function as window coverings, nowadays curtains can also double as an attractive decoration element as shown above. Contrasting colored curtains with walls can be an attractive wall décor option, especially for a bedroom that is synonymous with serenity.

The use of curtains is also considered creative, especially when combined with other furniture that can balance the appearance of the room.

Use Carpet for Wall Decoration

Bored with frames or paintings to decorate the walls of the house? If you want to try something more unique then this one inspiration can be an interesting idea to try at home.

Try to use a rug or rug with a unique motif as part of an attractive home décor that is different from the others. You can create a Moroccan atmosphere or another unique style by using a rug as a wall decoration.

Don’t forget to balance the appearance of the room with furniture that has a similar theme. If you are afraid to use bright colors on other furniture, try using neutral colors such as beige or with other soft colors.

Moreover, if the rug used has a striking pattern with many colors, then choosing neutral colors on other furniture can balance the appearance of the room.

Bring Natural Elements to the Room

Bringing natural elements such as rocks or wood can apparently be an attractive decoration that makes the room feel more homey.

For example, as in the picture above, we can feel how warm and comfortable the room is. Well, you can also apply similar ideas, for example to furniture or make walls with wood as a highlight.

Use a Sofa Made of Velvet

Don’t want to bother with a total remodel of the room but want to give it a beautiful and elegant touch? Try to replace the sofa in your living room with a soft velvet sofa that is definitely aesthetic.

A velvet sofa can change the appearance of a room to be more beautiful and luxurious, but don’t forget to also choose materials and colors that match the concept of the room. So, those were various home décor inspirations that you can try at home.