It could seem like only yesterday that you brought home a tiny fiddle leaf fig tree (or maybe a precious snake plant or darling spider plant?) to join your other houseplants. Now that you’ve seen how much it’s grown, you know that anyone, from seasoned gardeners to novices, can successfully cultivate and maintain indoor houseplants.

In order to ensure the continued plant of your indoor plants, it is time to upgrade their current pots now that they have outgrown their baby ones. In addition to helping purify the air in your home, having healthy houseplants allows you to shop for attractive pots to show them off in.

If you want to add some greenery to your home, we recommend signing up for one of our favorite plant subscription boxes. From large plant pots to tiny vessels, we found the best buys available at every price point.

8 Best Indoor Plant Pots and Planters to House Your Growing Greenery

Ceramic Planter Pot “Terrill”

Ceramic Planter Pot Terrill

In case you haven’t seen the trend, ceramic patterns are taking over the home of interior design. Fortunately, there is a plethora of options for potting indoor plants, from miniature to colossal, in both plastic and ceramic forms. This contemporary indoor planter comes in two colors, white and gold, and rests on a tall metal stand. In the same home, drought-resistant plants thrive in ceramic plant pots.

Curved Vase Garden Planter

Curved Vase Garden Planter

It’s not always simple to locate a tall indoor/outdoor plant pot that serves as an invitation to nature. This stone and recycled resin option satisfies both requirements, as its height allows it to accommodate even the tallest potted plant.

Bergs Scallop Pot and Saucer Set

Bergs Scallop Pot and Saucer Set

Maybe you’ve got a plant that you just nursed back to health, and it needs a new, more comfortable home to thrive in. This beautiful planter, which was inspired by antiques, is all you need. Each set of pot and saucer is completely unique because they are handmade in Italy from terracotta that will patina over time. The scalloped edge detailing is a standout design.

All Modern Bamboo Pot Planter

All Modern Bamboo Pot Planter

Even if some of your houseplants are fake, if you fill your home with tropical plants, you’ll feel like you’re always in the middle of an island forest. Putting your plant life in a bamboo planter will really give off some island vibes. For a touch of the tropics, try this two-tone bohemian bamboo planter.

Planter Stand from West Elm

West Elm Metal Standing Planter

The small footprint and shiny gold design of this freestanding planter win us over, and its versatility makes it a great fit for end tables. The Algaonema houseplant is a low-maintenance option, and this pot can be reused if you already have another plant that you think deserves a little more pizazz.

Planter pot made of wood

Wood Pot Planter

A indoor plant pot is a classic purchase for your plants, regardless of whether your decor is more beachy or more rustic. Incorporating the outdoors into the home is a priority for us, and we appreciate how this minimalist natural design accomplishes this.

Areaware Mini Stacking Planter

Areaware Mini Stacking Planter

A miniature cactus in a sculptural pot—is there anything cuter? These terra cotta pots are circular in shape, making them ideal for stacking, and they each have a hidden saucer at the bottom to collect any overflow. In addition, they are just right for indoor plants.

Outdoor/Indoor Self-Watering Planter

Indoor Outdoor Self-Watering Planter

Indoor plant pots don’t always need to be decorative to be functional. Available in three different hues, these inexpensive plastic planters will protect your indoor plants without detracting from their aesthetic value. The self-watering design is ideal for low-maintenance plants, and it’s cheaper than a cup of gourmet coffee, too.